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Meytarim - Network for Jewish Democratic Education

Meytarim is the network for Jewish democratic education. It strives to reduce the religious/secular division in schools and creates a framework in which children from different ideological backgrounds can learn together. As its website explains:

The present two-track public school system segregates religious and secular students socially and educationally, and fosters polarization at an early age. Students in the secular public school system (mamlachti) learn practically nothing about their Jewish heritage. Students in the religious public school system (mamlachti dati) seldom confront fundamental questions of modern Jewish identity, including secular Israelihood and non-Orthodox denominations. By the time students from the two main school systems meet, whether in a military, university, or employment setting, there are already negative stereotypes deeply in place. Both tracks all but ignore Jews of the Diaspora.

Schools affiliated with Meytarim foster a pluralistic and democratic environment in which Judaism is studied and practiced with commitment and yet openness. Academic excellence and achievement are fundamental goals of the Meytarim network. Meytarim schools have been accredited by the Ministry of Education and allow students the opportunity to study sacred texts, democratic values, and live in a pluralistic society which legitimates a variety of forms of Jewish expression.