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Letter from Program Director

This letter will provide you with insight into what ACBP’s financial investment and additional involvement has meant to this organization from their inception until now.

The Karev Program for Educational

In 1990 the Foundation identified education as the key to overcoming socio-economic disparity and the path to equal opportunity in Israel. Project Involvement is a response to the need to lengthen the school day and add cultural subjects which enrich the child's cognitive and emotional experiences. Through this program six hours are added to the school week, and subjects such as music, theatre, electronics, environment, photography, yoga, chess and many others are introduced to children who would otherwise have no access to them.

Project Involvement is a real partnership between the Ministry of Education, the cities and towns of Israel, the parents, the Foundation, and other partners who have joined in recent years. It is the largest intervention program in Israel today, operating in 113 municipalities, adding 1.4 million hours to 693 elementary schools and 1,600 kindergartens. The project reaches 42,000 kindergarten children and 217,000 children in elementary schools, in total one-fourth of the children in these educational frameworks.

The enrichment program is a platform for educational change in each town and city where it exists. Other programs have been built upon this platform, a result of efforts to specialize and respond to critical needs of the educational system.