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Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues is a coalition of North American Jewish organizations, foundations and private philanthropists, that are committed to the welfare of Israel and support the Jewish state’s right to a secure and peaceful existence. Members of the Task Force are proud of the democratic, sovereign state of the Jewish people and support Israel’s Declaration of Independence including the article that promises social and political equality for all its inhabitants, Jews and Arabs alike.

The Arab citizens of Israel represent approximately 20% of the population, one of every five Israelis, 1.2 million members of Israeli society. In accordance with the official recommendations of the Or Commission, an Israeli board of inquiry convened after the violent events in 2000, the Government pledged to make elimination of inequality and discrimination between Jewish and Arab citizens a top national priority. This Task Force aims to generate awareness among the North American Jewish and Israeli public to advance civic equality in Israel, where Israeli Jews and Arabs can contribute, participate and benefit as full citizens.