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Letter from Program Director

This letter will provide you with insight into what ACBP’s financial investment and additional involvement has meant to this organization from their inception until now.

Historica Canada (formerly the Historica-Dominion Institute)

Historica Canada began operating in 2000 as the Historica Foundation with a mandate to engage young Canadians in the history of their country. In 2009, Historica merged with the Dominion Institute, creating the Historica-Dominion Institute, now known as Historica Canada. Using groundbreaking public opinion research and innovative TV, new media and in-school programs, Historica Canada helps hundreds of thousands of Canadians connect in meaningful ways with the country’s history, shared citizenship and democratic institutions and values. The Institute’s programs fall under three themes: memory, democracy and identity.

Historica Canada has become the leading national organization in its field. The Institute produces the English and French Minutes series of 60-second TV dramas initiated by the Philanthropies. It has also produced 100 Historica Minutes, and 100 Footprints, both 60-second TV clips of Canadian sports heroes using documentary footage.

Historica Canada’s website features a large volume of resources for teachers, including digitized versions of the Minutes and accompanying lesson plans. The site receives approximately 50,000 visits a month. It also owns and makes available free of charge The Canadian Encyclopedia, the basic reference work on Canadian history, and The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada which can receive up to half a million visitors a month.

Additionally, Historica Canada runs Canada’s largest youth forum, Encounters with Canada. Throughout the school year, 120 to 138 teens from across Canada come to Ottawa for a week; there they discover their country through each other, learn about Canadian institutions, meet accomplished Canadians, explore career options, develop their civic leadership skills and live an extraordinary bilingual experience.