Core Investments / Operating Programs


Letter from Program Director

This letter will provide you with insight into what ACBP’s financial investment and additional involvement has meant to this organization from their inception until now.

Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts (AIDA)

Since the organization’s founding in 2003, The Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts (AIDA) has helped the careers of a generation of artists from Israel. AIDA’s mission is to foster the development of contemporary decorative artists from Israel by connecting them to an international audience of galleries, institutions and collectors. Underlying all of AIDA’s activities is the goal of promoting a positive image of contemporary Israel not often seen.

AIDA’s programs include: connecting artists with galleries; exhibiting works at international art fairs and significant craft fairs; providing scholarships, residencies and summer teaching positions at prominent craft schools; supporting participation in distinguished decorative arts conferences and finding venues for museum shows. These programs allow artists from Israel the opportunity to exchange ideas, techniques, and approaches to their work with a broad and diverse audience.